A World All Its Own

A world of action and inaction, of motion and stillness, of the animate and inanimate. Ours is a reality all its own.

There are six planes composed of all the elements of our survival, yet we are each a manifestation of one.


These are the factors which compose all things that exist, including the Bastion.

The Bastion has always been and will always be. It is composed of the six, opposed to each within its own realm, and joins them together. Without the Bastion, we would have chaos. There would be no creation as each of the six would work to destroy its opposite until there were none remaining to remember the conflict.

We serve the Bastion, its Angels brought forth from the manifestations of the planes, to be its servants, its will-workers, its guardians. We must endure to prevent others from taking this power and bringing forth the end of all things.

Though there are those who believe, those mad and desolate souls, that the Bastion is the remains of another plane, greater and more majestic than anything we could ever know.

A plane brighter than flame and deeper than ocean, one of greater energy than the positive and darker than negative, harder than rock and grander than wind.

An impossible place.

But no sane mind truly believes that for, if such a place actually existed, what would that mean for the fates of our six slices of infinity?

Bastion of the Elements